• __shivaniii 5w


    I guess everyone knows about it!
    And yaah, I don't feel any shame to write on this publicly!
    It's natural and a normal process!
    Women pay a big price to be a women!
    She bleeds every month for her entire life!
    It's not her choice but it's natural to her!
    We cannot rest in our life until n unless we are rest in peace!
    We girls goes through many problems!
    But still we carry a smile in our face!
    We live in a country where sanitary napkins are sold hidden in black polythene just because it's not considered pure!
    But cigarette, alcohol are sold openly!
    Maybe that's pure from some point of view!
    We women's, girls suffers a lot during this period but we never show!
    So make such a environment for girls, for women's so that they don't feel any shame to speak on " MENSTRUATION "
    Try to understand it's neither a curse nor a taboo!
    It's a gift to her and just because of this our existence is possible!
    Time is changing, we must change our views too.
    In these especially make her feel special, understand her, take care of her, love her!
    Believe me she will feel like a Princess!
    "We girls, women's bleed but we aren't ashamed of it"

    ©__shreyanshi sundaram