• danielledungeonrunner 10w

    In the Mirror

    What if one morning you woke up alive.
    You went to the bathroom and flicked on the harsh florescent lighting, Only to find you're still as dead as you were the day before.

    So you turn on the faucet and struggle to find warmth. It's fine, you "live" with it.
    And attempt to wash your mind out of your skin, to no avail.

    Brush your teeth, maybe you'll feel less disgusting with a clean mouth.
    But don't look in the mirror. "Please, I can't take them looking at me." You always do anyway. Just push it down.

    You can't help but look. You had to check?
    Everything is still there, Perfectly in place.
    But as you stalled, mustering courage for the day you notice your lips. When people love you they say they are perfect.

    But when you touch them you remember that time he got so mad that you got a call from a wrong number that he accused you of cheating and split your lip open. But he said he'd never do it again.

    As you traveled up your cheek you pause at the scar you got at birth, such a tiny imperfection. But you also remember him threatening to make it bigger if you didn't drop your friends. They hated him.

    Just ignore it. Push it down, it's over.
    You notice your nose, cause who wouldn't. You think "I wonder what he was like" it's not your mom's nose but you'll never meet him, besides he wont love you.

    Take a deep breath, you're better than this
    Just look at yourself! Green eyes. They're your best feature, and like a mood ring in the 80s they change. Hidden under your thick lashes where all your love resides.

    But it gets blurry when you stare into the looking glass for too long. That's where the torment leaks out. Knowing you'll never be the person in the mirror everyone loved.

    You're just the remanence of the defective pieces they glued back together in an attempt to save you. How can you be saved when all the destructive poltergeists have already settled in.

    Now they only peer out, in the comfort of your silence. They speak for you. They feel for you. They think for you. They react for you. How can you find salvation when the demon peering back from the mirror

    is you.