• lvny_nair 51w


    it's too late now. hush. go to sleep.
    the demons have gone now, i looked at every nook and creek.
    you say you can hear them in your mind.
    you say you hear words unkind.
    words bitter, sad
    words angry, mad.
    you say you think your existence is a mistake.
    it shouldn't have happened, it's lowly and fake.
    i haven't the faintest idea what i should make.
    Make of this.
    so i whisper, baby it's okay.
    I'm here. even though I won't be all day.
    it's a lie, but it's better than silence.
    it's a lie, but it's better than absence.

    for what isn't a lie anymore~L./lie/
    /but baby, im sorry for lying/