• rhythm_divine_magical 23w


    The main symptom of fear is tear . We all have came across of this word fear whether the reason was of ghost , teachers , phobia , any animal or anything but I am afraid of myself and (which I think everyone should be) that am I doing something wrong or something which I shouldn't do , am I hurting someone or am I hurting myself !!! If these questions will be or are running in your mind then you are absolutely and perfectly nurturing yourself because when you nurture yourself with fear of these things (mentioned above) then you are literally growing up with concern of the people who worth in your life and your soul AS well . Fear must be but if the fear is in excessive amount then it is not called fear it is called anxiety which is mostly responsible for ruining of self confidence . You should have fear of losing your self respect , dignity , personality , that you are doing something right or wrong . Fear should be your power not weakness .

    - Harshita