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    If you any elders in your home just spend time with them,cherish them, provide them the care that once they provided you...

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    Old age home

    An old beauty named Lily sits at the window side and looks out through the vast beautiful landscape present before her and thinks how ironical her life has become. Let's take a peek into her thought which she expresses as a poem-

    Here I sit looking at the vast landscape,
    With tear soaked eyes,
    Where I wander in my nightmare wondering whether there is an escape,
    From the loneliness, I am going insane,
    The moment I was send here it's like I have been baned,
    And so my existence,
    I cry out loud inside my conscious,
    Now I start feeling dubious for having you,

    Why, why does this all have to be this way,
    Now this place serves to be my abbey,
    What made you to hate me upto this extend,
    The amount of pressure I underwent during the scend,
    Made me realise how unfair life can turn into...

    Maybe the wrinkles and paleness led towards your hateredness for me,
    My active and bright nature have lost its spree,
    But the love and care for you grows at each and every speck of the day,
    Have I become a dray,
    With old wheels and old horses,
    Would you let me know the time when I turned as a burden,
    So I could reverse it for you,
    Is this your guerdon,
    For me for cherishing you...

    Let me tell you one thing,
    I never want you to undergo the same fling,
    So I give you all my inheritance...!
    These are my last words...
    With love LILY.

    Inked by- Shakthi karunanidhi
    Ig- @cutey_ayaana_25