• krithika_ 4w


    All those hateful words you say to me,
    Why? Cuz I want to be free?
    Who do I go to? I've no one,
    Voices inside me, from myself I run.
    There's a whole new world I see,
    You wouldn't know, I'm a locked door without a key.
    On the outside, my innocence you admire,
    But deep down, it's a raging fire.
    Fire that will burn your whole down,
    And this time I'll be watching you drown.
    I loved you when no one else did,
    With a pretty smile my pain I hid.
    I took in all your demons,
    Still smiling, but with a soul screaming.
    Howling in pain, I sat between the pieces,
    Pieces of my heart, scattered in all places.


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