• zizi_writes 10w

    By the window of lust;
    At the gate of affection.
    I'm in two places at the same hour.
    The one is not so far from the other
    My thoughts are higher than a tower,
    Right now I'm thinking of where I want to belong.
    The woning i want to dwell.
    The heaven or the hell.
    Authentic affection or madness.
    You either pass through the gate,
    Or jump through the window.
    However, you make no choice,
    Then you'd never know.
    You can choose Madness for adventure,
    Who knows if it's sanity could be restored,
    Authentic affection got you so bored,
    You shouted to the other that you wanted some more.
    Or if you pledge not to have been bored,
    Why did you leave your true love,
    On the basis of lust?
    True love is dead,
    She embraced the dust
    Unless she was properly reincarnated,
    Would she be yours.