• deepak_maddheshiya 6w

    The untold love story
    Part 1

    After completing my graduation I went to Delhi for the preparation of most prestigious exam UPSC.During preparation day I have to walk some distance to reach my coaching.One day something amazing happened with me ,I saw a girl who was helping a rickshaw wala ,due to high slope he was unable to pull the rickshaw.I was little bit away from that point ,after helping him she turned and sit in there car. When she turned I was totally shocked ,i was asking myself "is it a dream or reality".I am telling myself ofcourse this is reality.Let me explain her beauty "she was just like an angel " and her mellifluous voice still drumming in my head.Well,she started her car and moved towards my coaching center.I was being mesmerized by her comendable job and her beauty ,thinking about her "ki kaas mai use pas se dekha hota".Her face was captured by my neurons,it was unfortunately or fortunately unforgettable memories for me.Finally, I reached at my coaching center.The strength of coaching was almost 650 ,I took a seat and sit .I opened my app and try to learn something,during this period someone came and sit beside me ,as I was more focused in my work I didn't see who was seating beside me.It was 5 PM when teacher enter in the class and say "Good evening" and we replied.The moment I saw right side of me I was astonished by seeing her.