• himanshuharyani 5w


    As we celebrate Dusshera- the triumph of-
    Good over Bad!
    Humble over Arrogant!
    God over Devil!

    Question remains- What's Good & what's evil? Who's polite & who's cruel?
    Aren't these just outlook, from a seesaw vision?

    All these substance co-exist within,
    It's something we choose in proportion!

    Wondering if burning an effigy would help?
    Or burning our shallow & vague ego does?

    We're all Ravan's,
    Atleast- before he died, he apologized!
    He realized his arrogance & ignorance way too late! But still he did realize!

    How many of us today repent?
    How many of us can sum up that courage?

    How many of us can simply apologize?
    How many of us can do what's right?

    Don't you think we're the true demonic?
    Don't you think we're the real Ravan?