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    My senses were momentarily stunned at the sight of busy bodies rushing out of their vehicles as instructed by the police men who assisted people to safety while others hid at corners. The cloud had suddenly turned dark grey and the wind was heavy upon us. Poly bags as well as bottles and trash cans billowed in the breeze. My dad said "get out of the car". The wind was so violent,it could lift vehicles. I grabbed my younger brother and began running to a narrow street as instructed by my father who was right behind us. "where is mum?" i asked as soon as we found a place of temporary comfort which was likely to be blown off by the wind as it was a mere container."she was meant to be behind me " my dad replied looking terror-stricken and just then, my brother shouted "look!" as we spun around, the sight before us was unnerving. I watched as my mother struggled her way through the heavy storm, it seemed her legs were now too heavy to lift.

    She dragged her foot on the ground, stretching out her hands to us as she screamed "help me". It felt as if she was walking on the same spot as the storm pushed her backwards. Her hair was a mess and i couldn't wait to tell her she had violated her own rules "Laura, you are such an example of a misplaced feminine, how can your hair never be brushed properly" my mum would always shout and i would smirk at her and say "but you still love me, don't you?" before kissing her and rushing to school but right now she was the one with the messy hair. I felt stupid for having those thoughts in my mind rather than looking for ways to save her but the reality was i couldn't move but stare agape. Before my dad could grab my mum's hands there was a deafening crack of thunder that caused an uproar and people became more frightened than they were.

    I watched people run thoughtlessly under the force of the storm, while children cried, adults shielded and the police guided people to temporary safety. Everywhere was rowdy and the storm was unforgiving. "dad! watch out!"i screamed before a long branch of tree knocked my dad out and i think my mum shouted something like "baby!". "baby make sure you come back home early, you know we have a deal this night?" " baby, you look so handsome today" "baby i'm too weak can you make ginger tea for me?" i would always mimic her with this words and she would laugh. She would never call my dad by his name. it seemed like his name was "baby" so everyone including the neighbors call my dad "baby". It was very embarrassing but sweet. I always wished to have such a beautiful love life but my boyfriend couldn't match could he? . He hated "spicy names" so i called him Matthew and i guess he was alright with that. That notwithstanding, my mum hated Matthew, she complained he had a very big head with bulgy eyes and a voice of a cricket but to be sincere, that was all the qualities of my dad and my boyfriend looks exactly like my dad....i think?.

    I couldn't spare a moment to think of Matthews current situation because my mum was now holding unto a pole for support in the violent storm. I grabbed my younger brother who was now in tears "i'm scared" he cried and i felt weak. I was planning on reaching out to help mum but with his current reaction, i couldn't so i spun around and hugged him tightly to prevent seeing the disaster that befalls my mum. Tears rolled down my cheeks as i heard a loud scream and then, the storm pulled out our shed and affliction came upon us. I struggled to find another shed which i crouched under. I looked up for the last time and i saw Matthew calling out to me,he looked terrified. How did he get there? "Baby!"i shouted and for the first time,he seemed happy i had called him that despite being at deaths hands. As he approached me, i pushed forward to pull him away from the force of the wind but my brother held unto me, "I'm scared" he repeated. Tears gushed out of my eyes and i prayed the police would help Matthew out but they have a life don't they?. I watched him struggle to move but he was in the crux of the force of the storm. I held unto my brother who shivered under my grip and my cloths were soaked. I kissed his forehead and then the deafening crack of thunder, "Matthew!!" i screamed

    "Open your eyes baby please" i heard as a dozen of anxious eyes were staring back at me. I rushed into my mum's embrace and my dad and little brother followed. "I'm glad we survived the storm. Mum where is Matthew" i asked as i played with my brothers hair.

    There was a bit of awkwardness when my mum and dad exchanged glance as if they had no idea what i was saying. "doctor!"my mum called out to him, she looked frightened and so was i. "she would be okay,its just the shock" the doctor responded with a smile " but its 2 years now" my mum said before they moved out of the room. I stared outside the hospital window and it was raining normally. I saw my mum and dad talking to the doctor,almost whispering so i peeped through to listen

    "she would be fine sir baby, its just that each time she sees the rain, the experience of the storm last 2 years comes back but with time, it will pass"the doctor said

    "Why doesn't she remember Matthew died?" My dad asked.

    "Like i said, its just shock. She would be fine" the doctor said and walked out.

    "Thank you doctor"my mum shouted

    I closed the door and moved back to bed. I cant believe i am laboring under the disastrous experiences of the storm 2 years ago. I had thought i was over it but now..Matthew is..

    My mum walked in with two cups of juice and she handed me one and said "and this one is for my baby"then she handed it to my dad.

    I felt disgusted but happy they were all with me but then as my dad tilted his neck to get the juice, i saw a fresh injury on his neck exactly were the branch had knocked him. was it just my past experience or..?