• _poetandididntknowit_ 5w

    Listen don't speak.

    You'll always find me thinking,
    I'm always feeling lost.
    You'll never find me drinking,
    I'm not a fan of its unhealthy cost.

    My mind is like a temple, that's been beaten, bashed and broken.
    My mind is full of thoughts and whispers, always to be unspoken.
    Although the walls are broken, they'll never be destroyed.
    The walls are supernatural, welcome to the void.

    You'll probably call me crazy, that's just fine by me.
    You'll never understand me, maybe that's how it's supposed to be.

    I speak so little, but I listen so much, I question my own sanity.
    I learn so much, but share so little, honestly it's not through vanity.
    I listen because I'm lost, I'm trying to find my own feet.
    I don't want to speak up or shout out, I don't want to admit defeat.

    I'm sick and tired of thinking,
    I just can't seem to stop.
    I feel like I'm sinking.
    My mind might just go pop.