• lackintalent_16 50w

    Autumn and writing

    For some Autumn is heartbreak, a looming progeny of winter, a synonym for melancholia and death ;
    But for me it's a beauty like my soul has been injected with the essence of tree of life, or sometime autumn is a long reflective walks out in the grey world telling me;
    "Hey you why aren't you enjoying the "last smiles" over these tawny leaves".

    It is not an ending for me, like it is shown by many vagabond in common trope as "end of beauty" and warm, or as petite reflection of verdant darkness or sometimes for then it's a bemoaning for coming of an eternal winter of death.

    For me, it is finding myself in season of fall or finally healing from a morbid scar.

    Therfore, for me;
    it's is not a season of grieving over the Golden end,
    there is a fruitfulness in autumn,
    a fresh relief from hot pursuing and thus autumn for me is more celebrating than less grieving, as it bring ecstatic delight to the writing!