• vibe_ana 30w


    It's not the way you look at her
    But how you gaze
    Love is a mystery
    Love is a game
    Everytime you find it
    It then runs away
    So there you are again
    Searching in pain
    For that warm feeling you had
    Now centuries away
    Don't be so foolish
    To stumble blindly
    For you'll never win
    Things will just keep distracting you
    Each and every day
    So take that wanting feeling
    And store it deep down away
    You'll never smile as you did before
    Nor will you feel another ones touch
    The way you did with the one you loved
    For that longingnes will surely stay
    Love is a tricksters
    Love is pain
    I suggest you turn around
    And walk far far away.