• kukkizmind 10w

    Whispers of time

    Time flies by we say
    But as he does, he whispers to us
    To hold on to our courage
    Coaxing us to do out best always
    We are constantly put to the test
    He consoles us as we breakdown
    Dusts us off when we stand back up
    Stands strong when we blame him
    Helps us turn things around
    Looked as us with teary eyes
    When as a vulnerable newborn
    We opened our little eyes
    Seeing the world for the first time
    He greets us as an old friend
    When with our last breathe
    We put all his tests to a final rest
    Our constant companion and enemy
    Without whose challenges we would
    Never push ourselves to our worth
    And see the diamond in the rough
    That he sees in us when we're born