• unused_brain 10w

    Will you become?

    The fuel of my engine?
    The leaves of my tree?
    Nucleus of my cell?☢️
    The water of my well?
    The glue of my tape?
    The juice of my grape?
    The nutrients of my food?
    The happiness which feels so good?
    The bat of a player?️
    The dandruff of my hair?
    The teeth of a mouse?
    The doors pf a house?
    The cracks of a nut?
    The heals of my cut?
    The closing of a drain?
    The nerves of my brain?
    The scene of a thriller?
    The sound of a driller?
    The smell of a waste?
    How bad does it taste
    The house of dove️
    Will you become my love?❤️