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    This is about a movie I saw recently called Kaatrin Mozhi in Tamil.
    It's a remake of hindi movie Tumahari Sulu in hindi

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    Kaatrin Mozhi / Tumhari Sulu

    Ambitious and dreamy, thy name is Viji
    A Mother so loving and caring
    A sensuous wife who winks at her husband
    Jobs that she aspire and perspires
    Leaves an elephant's footprint on my heart dear.

    Sisters who put you down
    And father who mocks you down
    When will they really see your strength
    It's hard to see the struggle of a 12th fail at length
    Schools only tell us pass or fail
    In between lies the life's trail.
    I hear you viji, and many more like you,
    No job is odd , no work is bad
    At the end what counts is how you did than what you did .

    You fought a warriors battle against Normal Viji
    This is all about the kaatrin mozhi