• likhitha_eirene 5w

    Love; a myriad of emotions!

    Love ; a myriad of emotions.
    A myriad of feelings, as a person came into my life overnight and I just fell for him.
    All the short uncanny moments were magical, loved him unconditionally with all the heart and soul. He was there to take me to the zenith of being in love.

    A myriad of mysticism, as I was all dark and cold but his eyes brown splendour brought into my life the summer of beige hues and colours. I was elated to touch the inordinate, it was irrevocable and I felt like the queen of cards ruffled with maze of love.

    A myriad of serendipity, there were stolen glances and hands held. We kissed to eternity, experienced the finest escapades, felt the love so serene. Caressed each other unclouded, got entwined in benign warmth and finally dwelled in austerity.

    A myriad of unrelenting tides of waiting, there was disgrace and denial but I still asked the winds to whisper my love until the day it blew to him. We felt the enigma, where our sprirtis wandered in a labyrinth, craved to come closer and love each other a little more.

    A myriad of hope, I mastered to feign the sorrow and cherishing his absence in every little sense. Looking through the canon of solitude and just ready to get impaled by his constant reminiscence. To see him again, to hold onto his breath and make our love sempiternal.

    This is what it is, I loved him and I'd love him until I turn into ashes and even endure it in the aftermath timeless precincts because love is all about these myriads of emotions; which makes it pure, beautiful and divine!