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    The second in the zodiac
    With the countenance of a child
    Kind and giving to a fault
    To the faults of others quite blind

    Strong willed and determined
    With an ambition to be the best
    Often lazy and self indulgent
    When put to the test

    Although practicality runs
    Like blood in their veins
    The comforts of life often beckon and
    On their aspirations pull the reins

    Bestowed with intelligence that is
    Accompanied by a hardworking streak
    Their love for luxury is legendary
    No one would blame them for being meek

    This earth sign is blessed with beauty
    To match their artistic brain
    Their innocence is often accompanied
    By a stubbornness that is hard to feign

    With an immense sense of individuality
    They are by extreme loyalty plagued
    When hurt they find it very difficult
    To move on and the other forsake

    One of the most sensual of the signs
    And bound by strong family ties
    There is definitely more to the bull
    Than what meets the eye


    Pic credit: pinterest

    31st of May, 2020

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