• breathing_space 5w

    In the Middle

    "I'll let you go but let me stay. Let me stay until all the love I have for you is gone."
    That's his last line from his well-written script. The play's now over and the lights have been shut off. But even if applause was already given and footsteps slowly faded as the place was left in solitude, she still stood there—in the middle—although the limelight wasn't set on her anymore but on another muse already.
    His eyes—her limelight—like sugar melting on water when those words were uttered to her are now gazing on another soul's—interlocked together promising a dawn of love that gave her her sunset.
    Yet she stayed—in the middle—not blinking an eye. For the words uttered in the play were her sinuous music keeping her sane—like how David's harp quieted King Saul's lost soul. Those words sounded like fresh water flowing from the ravine of his vitality quenching her longing for his touch—which sways her world and turns fantasy into reality every time lights are put to life and the stage is set on fire.
    But the play always has to end as reality keeps chasing 'though mind had been running away from the truth panting behind her—that she wasn’t his muse every time each character takes his/her final bow and that she wasn't his Juliet anymore whom he'll give up his being a Montague for.
    Yet she was stubborn for she stayed—in the middle—looking at his eyes which are locked to another's as the curtains closed and applause faded away. She saw how their eyes melted like wax under the heat of each other’s love upon meeting each other’s gaze. But she still stood there—in the middle—although her legs were already wobbling in pain and heart was being pounded by reality. A swig of truth would have been enough for her to pass out yet his words resonated making her stand on her ground.
    His words, though only lines from a play, were her cornerstone. So she stayed—in the middle—though eyes were never set on her but on his muse.
    She finally sighed—a deep one.
    "I'll let you go but let me stay. Let me stay until all the love I have for you is gone."
    His lines on the play now hers in reality, uttered to the wind hoping that it’ll carry her heart to his—for it has always been his, and it will always be his.
    But the curtains were now closed. Yet she still stood there—in the middle—until all there’s left was the sound of her sigh in the dark room.