• mavaolibira 10w

    You today.

    We are a generation devoid of true feelings.
    Faking smiles and saying the reality wrapped in the cover of "I am just kidding" is our huge dilemma. Hiding the facts and moulding it with the world colors , just because they won't accept the real you is another illness.
    Calling ourselves badass by treating others like shitt and winning the conversation. And then sleeping normal sleep while the other goes in depression is our modern humanity.

    It's not development. It's downfall. We aren't modern. This the lowest level of hell we are creating for ourselves. We aren't broad minded, mature human beings. We are stone hearted, cold souls breathing on this planet. And the funny thing is we are aware but we don't care. And that's worse. That's a sin.
    -Maila khan