• _piecesofmymind_ 5w

    •Femme fatale•

    This world is filled with lies and deceit .
    I won't skitter around the topic ,
    And I'm choosing to
    Confront it head on .
    As if it is a beast that has been endangering the village
    And I must atleast try to slay it ,
    Or be pegged a coward ,
    Even if only by myself .
    We, as humans, want to believe we are not wrong ;
    That we are infallible .
    But in truth we make mistakes and because we refuse to see that , it continues to happen .
    And we let our pride slowly tear apart this world. Our world.
    And the ones who do see the wrong ,
    The innocent that still have faith that the world can be fixed ,
    Are too few people to make a difference in these thick-headed people .
    And because of their innocence and naivety , they are also able to stand hand in hand with the wolf ,
    Because she has disguised herself as the innocent .
    But when embraced by the wolf ,
    They are stabbed in the back at their most vulnerable ,
    When in someone else's hands ,
    And there innocence dies with the part of them that held faith in this world