• princess_january99 11w

    Because I am a girl
    I should be sexually harassed?
    I should be raped?
    I should be tortured?
    I should be killed?
    Should a girl tolerate these
    Because she is a girl?
    So tell me....
    When a child is born, it is the mother who nurtures and feeds the child with her love and care..
    Then why a girl has to bare all tortures?
    A women is only one who bares all things
    Carries you in her womb for 9months
    Only to see her child either raping or getting raped.
    It is the mother who shatters and breaks..
    Then why will a mother bare all these ..
    Think for a while before playing with her feelings
    Think about the moment when you came into this world
    Before taking a wrong step in life....
    Its my request to all human beings think before you use others and play with their feelings
    They are equal to you
    Nothing more nothing else
    Same as you are
    Respect Human and instead to harming them protect them...