• prajkr 6w

    A letter to the soul from my heart

    Dear soul,
    Remember the days you were shackless and unbound
    And I was at liberty to beat free
    It wasn't too long ago
    Until you accuired feelings and collected emotions
    Over a girl you claim to have seen all seasons in
    Wasn't her Summer that set your eyes ablaze
    And her spring bloom petals of misery
    Have you forgotten how her winter is keeping you frozen
    Chained in this ice and cold
    How could I ever beat to the rhythm of life
    You sold your mind too her
    And then sold me too
    But was it honorable trade
    You cashed in pain and sorrow
    Rains and hurricanes of selfish play
    What more could you possibly sell
    Are you done with her
    Pray you are
    I want you to break free
    I want to beat free
    Can we move on
    From the blizzard she sent
    Can we leave this unsettling season
    So we could shine in the summers of our own
    And swim in the springs of self love
    Heal and cure in rains of purity
    Beat to the rhythm of life

    The heart that beats a little.