• kenpachimo 10w

    The Indirect Barbarian

    He's clad in white
    Stained with different colours
    Drops of green, red, yellow, and brown
    On his apron which was once white.

    Oh his high head
    A white cap is his crown
    His bracelets are made of burns
    And the rings he wears
    Are made of cuts.

    The cuts have been made
    By the magic wand
    During his regime
    To become its rightful master.

    He may not look it,
    But he has
    One of the most beautiful hearts of all.

    His huge arms
    Stretch beyond his reach
    To give strangers
    A momentary feeling of inexplicable satisfaction
    And take them momentarily to paradise.

    He is called a barbarian and a murderer
    By a few.
    For he, encourages the killing
    Of the beautiful creatures living amongst us.

    The barbarian continues his work
    With the same kindness and elegance
    Irrespective of the criticism
    He receives from the mere few.