• friarjay 36w

    We love God because He first loved us (1Jn 4:19). And even when we are frustrated because our expectations of Him have not been met, we respect the reality that He is God and He knows what is best for us even if we don’t understand His ways (Isa 55:8). Most people fall out of their relationship with God for the simple fact that they lose respect for God. And you can no longer make demands or have expectations where there is no respect. Love dies where there is no respect. God is always faithful and just (Heb 13:5). But in order to have a sustained relationship with Him, we must imitate His faithfulness and justice. The respect we show to God is worship. When the priest says, “Let us give thanks to the Lord our God”, we reply, “It is right and just”. If we love and respect God, we shall reap the fruits of our actions. This is why Jesus assures us that the Father will always love us for loving Him. If love and respect is the bedrock of your relationship with God, there is every chance that this will filter into your relationship with your spouse, close friends, neighbours, colleagues, school mates, siblings and everyone you meet. Where love and respect is present, you will always find what you need.