• lifeandverses 9w

    Those people would think I'm insane,
    If I tried explaining to them MY definition of pain.
    The choked feeling that no one can heal,
    How do I explain the numbness I feel?

    When the demons in your head don't like to stay quiet,
    When your soul is a constant victim of satan's and angel's fight.
    No one would understand what goes behind,
    How do I explain what it feels like to have an overthinking mind?

    I peeked into my soul to find peace amidst this distress,
    But all I found was a fucked up mess.
    You don't need an enemy when one lies within you,
    Giving those scars, turning your soul all black and blue.

    To protect my weak soul that was severely haunted,
    A saviour was all that my wretched soul wanted.
    I kept on waiting for my knight in shining armour,
    Someone who'd turn my cold soul a little warmer.

    But you don't always get what you desire,
    So, here I am again burning in my own fire.