• jjay6 50w

    This is for my closest friend, the only person I consider my sister (relationship wise), and this is to show her how much I care for her, how much I love her, how much I dread for her.

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    What I fear for you

    I fear the worst for you,
    not because I'm paranoid,
    not because I'm distressed,
    not because it's a gut feeling.
    It's because I love you.
    This world has its pros and cons,
    but the sad thing is,
    it's always the cons that leave us marks.
    I know that you know that this world can be dangerous, scary, and unforgiving,
    but you aren't AWARE of it.
    I always look around frantically,
    because I feel that there could be a bad person near us when we walk alone.
    It isn't because I'm paranoid.
    It isn't because I'm distressed.
    It isn't because I'm getting a gut feeling.
    It's because I love you,
    and not only that,
    I give WAY more than two shits about you.
    Nobody else does, other than your family,
    your friends,
    and me.
    And I can't express that anymore to you than I already have.