• joyachakraborty 22w

    First time

    It seems to be special
    maybe to all

    The first time
    When i saw him
    maybe he noticed, maybe not
    but it was special.

    The first time our eyes collided
    that spark of colour change in his eyes
    was special.

    The first term, he spoke
    maybe a little nervously,
    i was awestruck.

    The first time,
    i choose to reply
    maybe adding a little courage
    was definitely awesome.

    The first time i discovered myself maybe in his confused eyes,
    was the first time i smiled a little to myself with him.

    The first time,
    we fought,
    maybe on a silly topic
    was special

    The first time,
    he bought chocolate to makeup for the fight was special.

    The first Teddy bear,
    Our first movie together,
    first ride was definitely special.

    So it seems as always, as ever special
    the first time.