• alifiyatahir 10w

    What does love feel like

    Love feels like being alive
    Like all the nerves in your body
    are alive at once
    Like for the first time you feel
    you have a heart
    and that it is beating
    Like all your lips can do is smile
    Like you are sighing all the time because there is simply
    so much beauty around
    Like all the energy inside of you
    is dancing
    Like your eyes can see nothing
    but your beloved
    Like you cannot imagine thinking
    about anyone or anything else
    day or night
    Like all the songs
    are just made for you
    for this moment
    Like you are biting your lower lip
    all the time
    Like you have suddenly
    grown dimples
    Like you have no energy
    to argue with anyone on petty issues
    because you are so consumed
    Like time has stopped
    Like you want time to stop
    Like your heart is exposed
    And your beloved has the power
    to damage you for life
    Like all the flowers
    have a beautiful scent
    they never had before
    Like all your senses are on fire
    Like you could laugh or cry
    in a heartbeat