• jeelpatel 5w


    Talks in trousers, under streetlights, sunlights
    Poetries midst park trees, sing friends loudly
    "Hands and shoulders, in failures and cries"
    Run in the circles, identify face at the end dot
    Changes, faithless visitor in happy venues
    You, unaware of, shades of time and poetries

    Eerie contact lenses, on orbs of brave blinds
    Wide awake yet dancing in dark, knowingly
    Don't help 'em, to get trapped, sue sympathy
    For, red of danger under black of pretentious
    Roads are curvy, corners of shelter unknown
    Count steps, detect sound of footprints of 'em

    You, hurricane of emotions, naïve yet brilliant
    Metro station is your heart, greets, goodbyes
    Bones get chills, screams lock unpainted lips
    Never repeat this show, to unreliable talkers
    Words, powerful weapon, people play with
    Dare you to get played again, this winter too

    Let go, lose the grip, create pressure in breath
    For,comfort will kill you, not today but morrow
    Tables turn gradually in my town, trust me
    Temporary is an illusion, you often get lost in
    Disturb daily patterns, face reality carefully
    You, familiar with truth deep inside mysteries