• starpanye 10w

    Nights are the worst

    Nights are the worst. When the world is quiet, and my head hits the pillow. The sound of your voice filtering through my thoughts.

    The moon kept our secrets, the way we whispered I love you. Your deep bravado making me melt with the passion you spoke with.

    And now, I want to scream, to curse your name and the way I cannot sleep. But nothing comes out. My tears silent and quiet as the rest of the world dreams.

    How can I still love you? Still hold on to the fact that I no longer belong to me anymore. Because I gave it all to you. My past, my present, my future.

    Yet here I am, everything up in smoke, gone and my heart a hole the world can see. But no curse is written upon your name. I simply whisper it.

    Without you, there would have been no me. And now that you're gone, my soul has gone with you. Still searching, still hoping you'll call out my name once more.