• mara_pain 6w


    Wait, before you go
    Just turn around
    Look at me just one more time
    And tell me you no longer want to stay

    Tell me you are fade up
    Tell me I'm no longer good enough for you
    Just tell me we were a mistake
    Just tell you care about me no more

    Before you touch that door
    Look at me straight into my eyes
    And tell me this child in me means nothing to you
    Just be honest this once and tell what you truely feel

    Just take a look at me now
    See how shattered I'm
    Doesn't it pain you to see me this way
    Doesn't it break your heart to see me this broken

    I lied when I screamed I hated you
    Coz baby deep down my heart still yearns for you
    I'm sorry I was upset
    I was hurt
    Standing at that corner babe I watched you kiss
    Someone else, someone who wasn't me

    With tears in my eyes
    I watched you go down on one knee
    The love of my life proposed to someone else
    My heart was torn apart
    But still couldn't believe
    Baby I forgave you asked you to come over
    Only for you to say good bye
    To say you are leaving me

    Why did you hurt me this much
    But I still love you so much
    Tell me how is this possible
    Next year is your wedding
    And I'm here thinking of our wellbeing
    You, our unborn baby and i
    I guess I'm just stupid in love.
    Life is a series of pain.