• tsmile_writes 5w

    Now it time to open our eyes,
    It time to face the reality
    A flag that symbolize growth, life,
    and peace is now liberated with brutality,
    intense corruption and rejection of positive change.

    Now we are here,
    Fighting for a “Revolution” standing on our grounds
    Making our intentions known and our voice heard
    They say we are the leaders of tomorrow but I wonder if we live to see tomorrow.

    My head is Banging, my heart is heavy, my my eyes are watery, my brain is exhausted, I’m mentally stressed, and emotionally drained
    seeing the killings of youths, wasting the life of vision minded people, spilling the bloods of it own, flooding the land with blood and sorrow.

    We are still on the movement,
    A movement where I tell a brother move your tool and follow me
    A tool of voices which is needed to be heard.

    This is a REVOLUTION,