• charfire_m 11w

    Life is a gift that you get to open, smile your the zest in life lo/Iving living life; your beautifully your kind of IAM.... for this is a fractal universe you living in.

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    Because you live in a dream world, an illusion up on itself in this fractal universe we are living in, so the disillusion is that of the worlds of those that use word-magic/the backwards world/economics, to control the Earth realm/the Devine souls of light and of love, other forms of life; keep on looking for the highest of truths/look for the 9nines and keep Knowing of you being a God+Spark
    Don’t let the them old/aged energy’s win over your soul by understanding as you Are meant to overstand; you have all the tools to fight, now wake up, you can do anything in divine timing.