• captivatingcouplets 6w


    Yes, you are the topic I talk to moon, smiling bright.
    Yes, you are the person who pushes me to work with all my might.

    You my light trapped inside the dark covered woods.
    You my zephyr in worst of my moods.

    You and I were not so different.
    You and I were coherent.

    You chose I among us and
    And I chose You despite all the fuss.

    You earned wings and soared up in the sky
    Yet, I waited and applauded in all your high.

    Like a lonely withered dry leaf clinging to its bark,
    Throwing an ever assuring smile of a profound embark.
    Like a fallen leaf covered with dust, yet chose to gleam.
    Waiting for a better tomorrow with a hope of endless dream.

    Here, I lay again under my moon, in the pitch dark night
    Stranded in the memory that lives in my mind, yet seek no light.

    By - Dev Mahajan