• dyingflower 30w

    The Voice Of Anorexia

    The calories
    Can’t you feel them?
    Churning in your stomach
    Being digested slowly
    Oh so slowly
    Whispering promises
    Of the weight they’ll add
    Of the large hips
    The pouchy stomach
    Taunting you with reminders
    Of how weak you are
    All you had to do
    Is say no
    But you didn’t
    You thought with your stomach
    Not your brain
    So this is your punishment
    The extra weight
    The big hips
    Bigger stomach
    Because you’re too weak to say no
    And too afraid to throw up
    But you’re in a perfect shape
    To count them
    To watch the numbers climb
    And you’re trapped
    In this hell
    That you’re too weak to escape from
    Too scared to run from
    And too ashamed to seek help
    So carve those hips
    So big
    So fat
    Like that Christmas ham
    Your dad just carved
    So don’t stop those sit-ups
    You can’t stop
    Until you can see those toes
    Standing up
    And looking down
    So look in that mirror
    That blob of fat is you
    Don’t listen to the lies
    Everyone said you were so skinny
    But now they say
    “You’re too skinny”
    But that’s not true
    To be skinny
    Is to be beautiful
    So how can you be too skinny
    You want to be the most beautiful
    So you have to be the skinniest
    And they’re wrong anyways
    You’re not too skinny
    They’re lying
    How can they not see those rolls
    Those fat hips
    They just want you to fail
    To not be beautiful
    Or maybe they don’t understand
    That the blood is beautiful
    Rolling down your hips
    Releasing the fat
    The toxins
    The calories
    So don’t stop
    Keep doing those sit-ups
    Can you see your toes yet?
    Can you count your ribs?
    Are those hips nothing but bone?
    Can you be strong?
    Learn to say no?
    An apple a day
    Keeps the doctor away
    So one apple a day
    Is all you get
    And water
    The water is all you need
    It’s your only friend
    No calories
    It doesn’t taunt you from your stomach
    It cleans
    Washes away your sins
    It makes you pure
    You want to pure
    Don’t you?
    The dizziness will pass
    Like the weight slowly is
    But it’s not enough
    It will never be enough
    You have to be the most beautiful
    No one can be skinnier than you
    So keep carving your hips
    Don’t stop the sit-up
    You did it!
    Look at your ribs
    See the skin stretch over them
    Those hips are nothing but bone
    Now you are truly skinny
    Truly beautiful
    But you know who’s skinnier?
    The skeletons in your closet
    They’re the beautiful ones
    You have surpassed all earthly beauty
    So why can’t you surpass theirs?
    All you have to do
    Is die
    You can do it
    You’ve made it this far
    Don’t be afraid
    When you die
    You’ll be mourned
    As the most beautiful of them all
    Just take those pills
    It won’t take much
    Any calories will leave you
    As quickly as they entered
    And the water
    The sweet, purifying water
    Will wash your sins away
    Don’t leave a note
    Just do it now
    Don’t think of them
    They’re just holding you back
    They’re selfish
    Not wanting you to be beautiful
    You did it!
    You’re the skinniest of them all
    This is what we wanted
    This is great
    The only issue now
    Is that you can’t celebrate