• azkaaaaaa 11w

    Concept of Peace

    The space is in the vacant room
    Or in a hole of a wall
    The space is defined as where no being exists
    Something is with you, always with you
    A twilight of the time, or the darkness of your phase
    It may also be the yellow light of the bulb, or the blindness of eyes
    The biggest mass, you have to carry your tripical brain with you
    Peace is a guest of few days, will go and come after a long phase
    You have to make it or force it to knock your door
    No gravity, no air, it is the space
    Just stars many years far and the rocky asteroids everywhere
    You think you may get the peace there
    It is just space, nothing exists there, just your brain
    In search of solutions to tackle the dark
    Concept of peace is the imaginary picture for heart
    Where everything is as clear as a mirror
    ©Azka Majeed