• fatimaphotowala 31w


    you are more beautiful, then you can think
    Your complexion doesn't matter ,you have a fair soul
    I like the way you laugh ,your childish smile,your glittery eyes.
    I don't care about your figure
    Your heart is immeasurable.
    I don't care about your looks
    The beauty of your heart & soul reflects in your face.
    For me you are perfect in all the ways.
    No matter how tall you are and how short i am
    I always desire to be in your arms.
    Crowd says! I deserves better
    But when i am having best why should i go for better.
    You are the one, who can makes me feel safe
    you are the one, for whom my lips want to smile
    You are the one ,for whom my eyes loves to dream
    You are the one for whom my cheeks blush all the time
    You are the one,for whom i am still alive.
    People may find faults in you
    But Darling!
    Look from my eyes
    your imperfection is making you just perfect for me.

    Your imperfection is just adding more beauty in you.
    The one who is perfect is not real
    real you is just perfect for me.
    Come on sweetheart !!
    Why to fear the world
    People will always speak wether you are perfect or imperfect.
    Don't waste your time to prove yourself to some shitt!!
    Be in your originality
    There’s a one who is still falling for you.