• naidra 6w


    I don't remember where I first heard the phrase "Rose colored glasses" but it stayed with me.
    I'm not sure why it resounded and bounced around the walls of my mind at first. Later I learned
    I had only realized I was looking through a pair of my own. I looked down and saw myself that day.
    What I saw was an endless feels of cuts scrapes bruises and scars. I finally then felt them all at once
    I didn't understand for awhile. "Rose colored glasses". What does that mean? I wondered so long.
    But then I turned around. I saw every red flag behind me I blindly ran past ignoring all the pain he was causing.
    I didn't see them before. I realized why. I saw those similarly tinted lenses and I instantly knew.
    With Rose colored glasses, red flags just look like flags. You're innocent. You don't see the blood. The pain.

    I put them back on