• jokerkamki 10w

    They say happiness comes from within. I've only witnessed a deep hollow void inside. Nothing fulfils the emptiness i feel. Its like there's a hole somewhere in it. Everything i fill my heart with slips.
    I plant flowers but they all die before blooming.
    My inside stinks with rotten carcasses of unfullfilled dreams. I am not fine, i am drunk to comply. This here is an outlet, I cannot cry, so i write.

    They say time flows like a river, i vouch, i am drowning in it.
    I have swallowed too much bad experiences to not be cynical about anybody existing up there to come help me.
    This here is bleak that i am sucked into. I am deep down in the bottom where life keeps alarming me with constant reminder of worthlessness.
    This here is the weights i carry, forcing me deeper in the bottom.
    There's guilt that i have buried deep in the darkness, in the darkest corner of truth i can't embrace. There's disappointment, regrets and insecurities i am tangled with.
    There's this me that i am losing conscious of. And here is me dying alive.

    They say nobody can bring you happiness, you ignite your own happiness. I wish they did.
    They say happiness comes from within. But all i have witnessed inside is deep void of hollowness.
    I am lost and it's lonely inside my head. I am desperate for an escape, but every road i take keeps leading me to another dead end. I don't like what i reflects back, i hate myself.
    I think i am severely depressed.