• finnisam 5w

    I DIED

    I killed a man and stabbed him afresh,
    Killed him twice and watched him thresh
    To and fro in death enveloped rapture,
    Enough to scar the realms of nature.
    I stabbed the bastard until he bled
    And bled again thus knowing he was dead.
    Shot him twice just to be sure,
    Tossed his body through the door.
    Down down down his soul goes,
    Enveloped by the darkness that awaits us all,
    He was the the self consumer of self made woes,
    I picked him up and watched him fall.
    Cut him up. He made an unrecognisable mess,
    I knew his face less and less.
    He knew himself and wanted to separate,
    Wrapped in the barbed wire of self hate.
    Twisted by the image that he deemed to create,
    Doomed to the mortality of a transient fate.
    I cradled his fears, his aspirations, his joys,
    Now I am the one that thus destroys
    All that he was, is and simply could be,
    The one I killed was me. Me. Me.