• 1a_warriorofchrist 10w

    Blooming soul

    when you meet me , tell me that I was born to burn the desires of others inflicted since I was five . remind me that I have a task to complete that stretches far from the seas to the oceans . inspire me that my words are the crowns of glory to the moaning women day and night .

    grab my dirty hands from the sorrowful pit I was thrown into for not following my family line . you can demand me to rise like the Phoenix rising from the ashes . like a baby girl I will bring glimpses of joy to the millions even to the hard-hearted . learning to knead my passion is the only passion I have for poetry .

    if you fail to nourish me with your rich vocabulary teach her in simple words . your expressions matter not big words. don't pluck me from the roots where my foundation lay. let me bloom with the greatest writers . my reflection is my story I shall foretell my generation and yours . your name too I shall ignite to make the sun bow down before you .