• limbo_bird 31w


    An endless crowd of wannabes
    But no one is worthy; no one is worthy.
    Pay to see the freakshow, pay to be a freak
    Step up and sit on a throne of lies.

    Sell your soul for a heady sip
    From this fountain of youthful fame.
    As corporate kings and queens orchestrate
    This shiny plastic game.

    Rock hard muscles, diamond smile
    Lure the young and naïve into tinsel hell.
    But it's just a pretty facade-
    A hollow plastic shell.

    An ocean of mediocrity
    No one is worthy, no one is worthy.
    Pick a puppet and crown it queen bee
    And show no mercy, show no mercy.

    This royal life
    Isn't what it's made out to be
    It comes at a cutthroat price
    'Cause no one is worthy, no one is worthy.

    Sell your soul for the blinding glitz
    Of glossy vampiric fame
    Preserved with the polish of paparazzi
    Oh honey, we're all the same.

    A hopeful crowd of prospective freaks
    No one is worthy, no one is worthy.
    A kingdom of fools and you're the king
    But you'll get no mercy, no mercy.