• aswin_21 24w

    Hello July

    So we are here in the mid of 2018.
    Looking back on the first half, it has been great in all terms. I made a lot of mistakes and learnt a lot from them. I met a lot of new people and got a lot of inspiration. Also I have made a lot of mistakes in relationships.

    Starting off July with the release of my book "Between Reality and expectations", I have released my first two short stories "10 odd days" and "Arranged marriage" on Amazon Kindle in January, all of which were doing quite well. I wrote around 70 poems in the last 6 months. And published one of my poems in a anthology.
    I started off my dream journey of film making and finished my first short film as a writer and a director which is ready to be released soon.

    I was able to meet Gautham Vasudev Menon who was an inspiration for me to start off as a writer and a film maker,and got a chance to have small interactions with him. This was one of the best happenings I personally feel in 2018.

    I have made a lot of mistakes in handling my emotions and travelling with the wrong people. I am very much looking forward for the next 6 months. To have a beautiful second half journey of 2018.
    Also, I am looking forward to meet a lot more beautiful people and waiting to have more greater moments for the next half of the year.

    And Happily my Birthday month starts

    Hello July!!!