• manju_lata_05 5w

    Sweet Facebook mistake (part 2)

    He was an orphan !

    Fingers started typing for this guy .
    Airraft maintenance engineer,
    by profession.
    Lived in Mumbai .
    Oh! My dream place !
    His medium of communication, 'Hindi'.
    Oh! not again !
    The language I always wanted to speak .
    Family ?
    "I am an orphan ." He said.
    Before I opened my mouth for anything,
    He continued...
    "Two sisters, married and have no connection with me as I need."
    "Elder brother and a sister, dead and gone long back ."
    "Have a step-mom and her children."
    "They aren't enough for me." He said .
    "I need someone to love me."
    Later I stopped talking.
    One after another,
    He narrated sad films.
    Leaving my eyes filled with tears .
    Finally we hanged on.

    To be continued....stay tuned....