• kunalpohane 22w

    I am attracted to you

    Baby I don't know how to express my feelings for you ! But it's quite often that I have got attracted to you __ i don't know when & where it happened ? even though , now i m not with you , i can feel your touch , feel your essence , smell the aroma of you ! Apart from past , the way I see the glimpse of your smile it's different now , the feel is just graceful & i am desperate to see that curve again & again __ , seriously i don't know why ? Now the moment when i meet you , i feel an immediate connection with you __ & I feel these connections between you & me is something different , i want me to get clog , blocked , gag into you itself ! , to be true but I want to say that now-a-days I m quite desperate about you . May be ! their will be many more , who adore you better than me , but baby I love you with whole of my heart __ i want to spend my each n every mini second with you ___ want to become a part of you . If my love , in future , if we grow old with each other then please let me die first __ or if not , then I will die twice ... cause i have got attracted to you , and now this attraction is not only attraction it's something more than that , i don't know more about this .. but Maybe , baby people called it as LOVE __