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    It's my take on love ❤ hope you like it.
    Everything is a logic but perspective are different -
    which you see, read and learn and the other which you feel and admire.��
    Morning vibes with colloquial vibes ����

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    Logical :-

    Love is a strong feeling of affection for the person you are emotionally or sexually attracted to. When you're in love, you always want to be together, and when you're not, you're thinking about being together because you need that person and without them your life is incomplete. 


    It's all about where you find your silence do the talking. Love's way is not a bed of roses who welcomes you with open arms but a thorny path which will kiss you with scars. It doesn't dwell in unions but separations where you treasure the memories and one day whisper to your ink and the world fell in love with your love. Feel overwhelmed that love knocked at your door ,hugged you as you are the only person in this world and then left with a tint of blush on your cheeks. Love is a thief of soul stealing beats of your heart, stars engulfed in your eyes, smile lingering on your lips and the words that die on your lips. It is a hurricane silencing the screams of logic. Don't take it for connexion it will bust your heart, scatter it and then admire those pieces as a masterpiece.
    Love is the owner don't take it for a guest.
    It is the life and death in itself, summer and spring entwine, holding hands and leaving voids, farewell and homecoming.