• sayan_naskar 22w


    As the day finds its death,
    As the leaves fall into their graves,
    It gets harder just to stay awake,
    In a way or another, Paying my debts.
    I've been trying to mend my ways,
    To heal what's left when you took it all away,
    But it's a boulevard that never really ends,
    a constant stroll between the galaxies we've interlaced.
    I still see you, with my telescope, as I lie beneath the interstellar,
    I can still feel your presence! Even though we're separated by lightyears,
    But it's your breath upon my skin, that I miss the most, whenever I'm lost amidst a crowd full of unknown faces.
    Maybe you're happy now, that our world has collapsed,
    Maybe, you've found a perfect home for yourself.
    Maybe your heart is saturated with all his love,
    He, who never needed the stars to convey his messages.
    You don't make wishes on shooting stars now, Do you?
    For rainbows don't put a smile on your face anymore.
    You've left the forbidden path, you keep yourself inside when it rains these days.
    You sip a cup of coffee, as his glittery eyes make you smile,
    Indeed your smile is all the incentive I have to float through this stream of life.

    ┬ęSayan_Naskar ( Shady )