• cp_pegu 9w

    Love in December

    The heart throbs
    As you have robbed
    The only belonging
    Surmise to have with me
    As every beats soar up
    Like a matrix in the cloud
    Let the happiness flow on it's way
    And never let it fade away
    Though thousand miles apart
    But the heart beat shoots up
    Like the unstable air inside a balloon
    Was that yours voice
    Which whispers and buzz to rejoice
    Oh! why the gentle breeze doesn't last
    And why the winter fog never let me touch,
    O my love
    Let me feel you in the mist of december
    Deep inside me and let live it longer...
    The only memories we cares
    Are no less than the dancing stars
    The very word you utter
    Sparks like a dewdrop in the radiance.