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    Your answer can be found in here
    This too not a full post but a jist of what I've come through
    May be a Genesis for fiend
    No wonder i liked Snape(favo)

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    The most painful thing is to know someone loved us and knowing it lately la.. Nearly had a similar experience.. But when i knew it everything's over.. May be i should move on it as a crush or what? I wished i shouldn't have know it in the first place, right. But the so called"fate" played a tune that i couldn't ever enjoy, to only see it from a distance after quite a few years. I wished i was there at the right time, or at the right place. What do i call it, a luv, crush, friend nah...Did I had q failure before everything started? Am i so bad in interpreting my emotions? Am i that worse to handle anything of my age? It's fine yaar.. It's ok..yeah I'm fine.. Atleast by now..